Find DTRH at East End Cellars

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You can now find Down The Rabbit Hole at East End Cellars which is located at 23 - 25 Vardon Avenue Adelaide South Australia 5000. 

East End Cellars was opened in January 1998 by Michael Andrewartha, an incurable wine fanatic with over twenty years experience in fine wine retail. Michael has worked closely with many of South Australia's finest small wine producers throughout his career. He has experienced first hand the many changes that have taken place in the wine industry over these years. He was supporting and promoting the traditional red wines from South Australia's Barossa and McLaren Vale back in the 1980's when "cool climate" was all the rage and the international market for Australian wines did not exist. Michael's unique experience and relationships built over the years have enabled him to create a wine shop with a product range second to none and with a vibe like no other.

TheTasting Room is another great reason to visit East End Cellars. The Tasting room is a unique place. They are in a position to champion all that is great about South Australian wine while also showing you hidden gems from around the world. While wine is a major focus of theirs they also know that food plays a major part in the enjoyment of wine. Following that path they offer an extensive selection of cured meats and cheeses from around the world, as well as the best toasted sandwiches in Adelaide!

East End Cellars can be found at:
23 - 25 Vardon Avenue
Adelaide South Australia 5000

Phone: +61 8 8232 5300

East End Cellars Shop hours are as follows:
Monday - Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday - Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 10pm
Saturday10am - 10pm
Sunday12pm - 7pm


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