We believe that a truly great bottle of wine, shared with friends and lovers, has the ability to transform a seemingly ordinary day or evening into something pretty special.

It's this experience we are set on sharing, and we aim to do so with delicious wine and with everything that our wine is a part of.

Down The Rabbit Hole Rose Vines

We love wine. We love making it, tasting it and drinking it, and we are passionate about the art of winemaking. We’ve created a series of wines, each of which are exactly what we look for in a perfect bottle.

Down The Rabbit Hole Winery

Our vineyard is located in McLaren Vale, where we enjoy the complexity of the amazing maritime climate. Warm summer days are cooled by evening sea breezes, and our rich soils deliver full flavours in the grapes.

Down The Rabbit Hole Vintage

Our head winemaker, Walter Clappis, is one of Australia’s most outstanding, award winning winemakers, and the rest of our team includes a group of exciting, creative young winemakers and wine lovers, and together we are committed to creating something wonderful.

Down The Rabbit Hole Winery

On the back of every bottle is a poem, and each hand sketched label represents a different line. We want the experience to begin before you even open the bottle, and not to end until the last drop has been had, and you, happy and content, are exhausted from dancing, laughing, talking, drinking or eating, or perhaps all of these together.

Down The Rabbit Hole Wine Range

Down The Rabbit Hole is a winery which aims to inspire imagination with an attitude of adventure, inviting drinkers to join in on something special.

♡ Domenic & Elise

DTRH Good Times By The Ocean


Scout in the Down The Rabbit Hole vineyard