Young Hearts Roam Free

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Each year to celebrate our wedding anniversary we like to getaway together; take a step back, to reflect, to focus and to dream together. This year we hit the road in our Kombi, and we’ve spent the last few weeks exploring Tasmania.
With no plan and no idea where we were headed, we took to the road and followed it, each day discovering the most incredible spots, with epic views the whole way along.
At night we’d cook meals in our van, crack a bottle of wine, lights some candles or a campfire, and lay under the stars listening to the mellifluous sounds of the sea and the silence beyond. If it sounds like magic, that’s because it kinda was.
 Our days were spent in endless sunshine, swimming, reading, sleeping, bushwalking, and tasting wines throughout Tassie. Although days of swimming, reading books and drinking wine can seem unproductive, days like this are some of the most influential times of our lives. They motivate, inspire, and feed creativity. These are the moments we draw upon when life gets busy, minds are full, and productivity is at its highest.
As for the wine, Tassie definitely delivered some incredible experiences. The breathtaking view at Devil’s Corner provided the perfect backdrop for a bottle of Chardonnay and long conversations about future plans - a place to feel relaxed and inspired all at once.
The tasting at Pooley’s Winery was thought provoking and downright delicious. Some of the best wines we tasted, so we stopped, pulled out a picnic rug (because every table was taken) and enjoyed one of their generous cheese platters in the sunshine with a bottle of Pinot Gris and a Gewurztraminer (as we couldn’t decide between the two).
At Priory Ridge we stepped back in time and met a lovely lady who is from one of the five original families to settle in the area, and the cellar door we sat in was a 100 year old sheep shearing shed her father and grandfather had used.
The friendly staff and great wine banter at Milton Vineyard had us in lively spirits, as did the many other vineyards we visited on our journey.
 The highlight for us though, was enjoying a few bottles of Down The Rabbit Hole, on our wedding anniversary, reflecting on the incredible year we’ve had, whilst lounging in a giant bathtub with the most unbelievable view over Cradle Mountain.
 The way that we travel is much like the way we enjoy wine, - just enjoy the ride.
Tassie, we love you, and we can’t wait to come back!

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