Let Us Introduce You to Our Brand New Wine...

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest wine, the delightfully delicious 2015 Sangiovese Cabernet.
It’s a dreamboat and we think you might just love it.
In this bottle awaits a wonderful experience. Sangiovese brings lifted dark cherries, spice and powdery tannins, while the Cabernet adds succulent berry notes and provides a smooth finish. Matured in seasoned French oak, they come together in perfect harmony to create a rich and savoury wine that’s about to blow your mind.

On the back of every DTRH bottle is our poem, and each hand sketched label illustration represents a different line of that poem. (You can read the it below).
This label is one of our favourites so far. It represents the journey and the experience of wine, beyond the stars, space and time.
You will be able to try the Sangiovese Cabernet, and drink it all night long, at our upcoming pop-up cellar door event, GYPSY LAND, https://www.facebook.com/events/1224029454313593/ held in Adelaide on the 29th & 30th July.
Before then it is available pre-release exclusively at these amazing SA venues:
And a few of our favourite cellars:
We will update you once it is released everywhere, including our online store. But we do hope you enjoy it as much as we are, it’s pretty darn special.

For Friends & Lovers a Place Exists
Another World of Joy & Bliss
Beyond The Stars, Space & Time
To Enter, Show the Secret Sign
The Moon is Bright, Revive Your Soul
Come Join Us Down The Rabbit Hole


Label Design by Anthony Gagliardi & illustration by Andy McIntyre.

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