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You may know by now that we love nothing more than a wine or two seaside. 
Salty breeze, sandy toes, platters abundant with food, live music harmonising with with soft waves on the shore, and no worries in the world with sunshine, wine, and good company to warm the soul. 
Elise CookElise Cook
Elise Cook
Elise CookWhen we bought the bell tent for Gypsy Land, we thought - firstly, great for camping trips - secondly, beach party! 
We got together with the ladies from The Lost Tribe, Koleha Bikini, and The Nomad Collective, who were all keen to showcase their new summer ranges and decided to throw a little soireè for a bunch of our very creative friends. 
What we created together was an evening of magic that started with food, wine and rambling conversations, whilst Luke Marshall played us his dreamy tunes, and ended with us all dancing long into the night under the stars. 
Elise Cook
Elise CookThe platters were filled with local goods from Udder Delights and Little Acre Foods
The cheese was incredible - and if you have never tried vegetarian mushroom patè - please do yourself a favour. Every platter we make from now till kingdom come will always have a jar, it's out-of-this-world-good-stuff. 
Down The Rabbit Hole WinesElise Cook Down The Rabbit Hole WinesElise Cook Down The Rabbit Hole WinesElise Cook Down The Rabbit Hole Wines
We hope you all have a wonderful summer, and we hope this has provided a little inspiration :)
Throw some rugs into the car, with a few bottles of wine, and create your own magic night by the sea. 

Elise Cook Down The Rabbit Hole Wines


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  • Fabulous

    Jenny CHandler on
  • Looks amazing ! As do all your events .

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